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When you visit, you will find much more than a list of places to stay during your vacation. You’ll find the largest selection of island properties to call “home” during your vacation. And you’ll find plenty of options for long-term rental and for purchase of an investment home, vacation home, or permanent home.

HOT DEALS: Check out the long list of ever-changing, individual properties (houses & condos) that are offering a discounted price. You’ll find them at

SPECIALS: Interested in a great deal during a specific time period, including free nights or discounted stays? You will often find multiple specials running at the same time – click here to find them: Just choose the offer that appeals to you the most, then type in the specified promo code when you book your property.

PROPERTY SEARCH: When you know the property you are interested in, or wish to find a specific set of amenities, just fill in the optional search fields to narrow your options. Try it out at

PACKAGES: Weddings & romantic getaways, golf or fishing adventures, great shopping or spa ideas, family-sized entertainment, nature & photography opportunities . . . Let us put together a package for your group that will be affordable and memorable:

LONG-TERM RENTALS: Moving here? Need a place to rent for 6 months or longer? All locations (beach area or nearby towns), budgets and sizes are available. Let us help you find the perfect home for your rental needs – start by window-shopping at Commercial rentals also available.

REAL ESTATE: Whether moving here or purchasing a 2nd home or rental property, we have the right dwelling and the right agent to assist you. We can even help you arrange your mortgage! Find properties here: Choose your professional agent here:

Need to speak with someone? Just give us a call at 800-213-9544 and let us put in touch with one of our well-trained representatives. We’d be honored to assist you!


  1. Looking for a long time rental with 3bdr 3 bath fully furnished in orange beach!

  2. Hi Walter! We do not produce our print vacation books anymore, but you can find a map of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach condos on our website. You can zoom in on each of them. Here is Gulf Shores:, and here is the map for Orange Beach: I hope that helps! If you have any other questions, we are open 24/7 and can be reached over the phone at 877-713-4928. Happy searching!

  3. Could you please send me one of you books that contains a map of East Blvd. condos for Gulf Shores and Orange Beach?

    Walter Garrett
    1980 Sandy Creek Drive
    Elgin , Il 60123

  4. Hi, Fred. We think you’ll really enjoy winters in Gulf Shores. Currently, we do not offer monthly rentals for the month of March, however we are now recommending that option to our owners for 2014! We expect to hear back on which owners will approve of monthly rentals in the next few months. We do have units in your price range. Gulf Village and the Gulf Shores Plantation condos are both great options. I’ll send your information to our Guest Sales team to follow up and help you make your reservation.

  5. A friend of ours gave us your name, as he winters in Gulf Shores. We desire to rent a unit from Approximately: Jan 4,14 – March 31,14 Would like a unit that is priced around $1000.00 Mo. 2 Br, 1/1/2 bath, Flat TV’s, WI-FI capabilities, & Gulf Shore view if possible.

  6. Hi, Michele! Thank you for asking! We would love to find the ideal place for you and your group. We’d need more details to be of real assistance, though, particularly concerning how the 8 people will be divided between the two units (6 and 2, 4 and 4, or 5 and 3). Please call our reservation specialists any time, 24/7, to discuss your needs. But please call as soon as possible, as that is a very busy week at the beach and we’d like you to have as many options as possible to choose from.

  7. We are looking for a rental in Gulf Shores for the week of June 29 – July 6. There will be a total of 8 people. If possible we would like two places side by side, beach front, and a pool ( childrens pool too ) . Please let us know if you have anything.
    Thanks Michele

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