Vacation condos are often less expensive than hotel rooms!

Why would you pay $200 per night for a family of four to stay in a vacation condo, when a hotel room would cost only $100?

Believe it or not, the condo can actually be easier on your wallet, plus it comes with an “Ahhh . . .” factor not found in individual hotel rooms!

Let’s take, for example, a 5-night stay. At the prices mentioned above, the hotel would cost $500, the condo $1000. But don’t stop there, because it doesn’t tell the whole picture.

When staying in a hotel, nearly all of your meals are at restaurants. So to keep it simple, let’s say $5 breakfast, $10 lunch and $20 dinner per person. That’s $35/day for each person (but you know those restaurant bills are typically much higher). Times four people is $140 per day. Times five days. That brings the food to $700. So the hotel vacation at the moment is $1200, and that doesn’t include snacks or adult beverages for the hotel room.

Now let’s look at enjoying your meals in your condo. At home, your family of four could eat for a month on $600 of groceries, including snacks and adult beverages. And although you may not want to cook all your meals while on vacation, eating every meal out can actually become a chore – especially with young children in a busy area with long restaurant lines. So let’s say you splurge big because you’re on vacation, and spend 10 days worth of your monthly grocery budget while on your 5-day vacation. That’s $200, added to the condo bill of $1000, totaling $1200. How’s that condo looking now?

But there are non-financial differences, as well. Consider the size of a hotel room; the average is about 325 square feet, or a space measuring 13×25. Add 2 double or queen beds, a dresser, table and/or desk, nightstand, a chair or two, plus four people, and you’re talking some pretty close quarters – with one shared bathroom. Yikes! For five days?

Instead, a modest 1,000-sqare-foot, 3-bedroom/2-bath condo offers plenty of elbow room while still enjoying the special relationships rediscovered during vacations. You’ll have a living room and dining area, plus a full kitchen stocked with dishes, appliances and utensils. Multiple TVs will be available, most with VCR and/or DVD players. You’ll likely have a private, furnished balcony with a beautiful view. And with more than one bathroom, it’s much easier to prepare for a day or evening on the town.

So weigh your options. Where you lay your head at night is just as important as the activities you pursue during the day. Do you want your vacation memories to be shadowed by how crowded you were and how anxious everyone was to get back home and enjoy some personal space? Or would you prefer to remember that all of you were so comfortable and relaxed that nobody wanted it to end?

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  1. Hi Angela! Even with July being peak summer season, we may have something for you. Here are all of our 1-bedroom condos that are still available for those dates: I have sorted the price from low to high, so that the lowest-priced condos will be at the top. The only thing I did not do is sort by view. If you sort by gulf-front, then the cheapest going rate will be a little more than $1,400. However, we do have some waterfront properties (situated on the lagoon or bay rather than the gulf) that are closer to your price range. Happy searching! If you have any other questions, please call us at 877-713-4928. We are open 24.7.

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