Thar She Blows! (But It’s Not What You Think!)

Discover the craft and participate in glass-blowing classes in Orange Beach, Alabama.

Discover the techniques and participate in glass-blowing classes in Orange Beach, Alabama.

A glowing blob at the end of a long stick turns into a work of art. YOUR work of art. How does that happen?

The newly opened (August 2009) Hot Shop at Orange Beach Arts Center is Alabama’s only public access glass studio, and the artists there want to teach you about their craft. How exciting! I’ve seen a glass blower at work a couple of times, but never had an opportunity to participate. Now is my chance – and yours – to discover the secrets behind those wonderful glass ornaments, paperweights and vessels.

Every Saturday, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m., artist Joe Hobbs will begin with a demonstration, then allow you to create your own piece. The fee is just $20 for an ornament and $35 for the paperweight. But the educational fun is priceless.

Looking for a more in-depth experience? Participate in a three-hour workshop filled with hands-on opportunities. These afternoon sessions (2-5 p.m., $150) teach techniques for shaping and coloring the glass, and you can take your three or four creations home the next day. If you are a guest in town, don’t worry – they can ship your art pieces to you.

If glass craft isn’t your artistic priority, you’ll find plenty more to choose from. Mixed media, pine needle baskets and colored pencil classes begin in September, each extending four or six weeks. And there’s more on the horizon.

Keep in touch with the Orange Beach Arts Center to learn about upcoming opportunities. You’ll find them at 26389 Canal Rd. in Orange Beach, Alabama, and online at

Open your creative mind with peaceful walks on the beach, and take home one-of-a-kind treasures when you combine your day of glass art with a weekend at the beach! Meyer Real Estate has terrific specials and specific-property hot deals to make it affordable for you. Let us help bring out the artist in you!

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  1. Hi just wondering if you are still having the glass blowing demonstrations and classes. Won’t be able to do until later in 2011 but was trying to plan. Thanks

  2. Hi, Cathy!

    I’m assuming you are asking about field trips at the Orange Beach Arts Center. They do offer such – you can find information and a phone number to make reservations via this link:

    I hope that gives you the information you need, and that you and your students enjoy a wonderful experience learning about the art of glass blowing!

    Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

  3. I am a teacher at Bay Minette Elementary. I watched your clip on Channel 5 news one morning. I thought I heard you offered tours for field trips. Is this correct? If so what is the cost and how long does the adventure last?

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