German Sausage Festival

Written by Meyer Vacation Rentals on March 24th, 2010

If you are anywhere near Elberta, Alabama this Saturday, the aroma of the secret-recipe sausage being cooked over an open flame will lure you in. Even if you’ve never attended the German Sausage Festival, it’s quite easy to find the main attraction—just inhale the delicious scent and you’ll be led straight to the tasty treasure.

Smother your sausage in tangy sauerkraut and other flavorful enhancements, or enjoy it plain. Either way, you’ll know you’ve hit upon something special. If you prefer, order a hot dog, hamburger or BBQ sandwich. Supplement your main course with German-style filled cabbage, goulash, red beans and rice, or potato salad. Don’t forget the treats afterward: Ice cream, peanuts and popcorn round out the festival foods.

Some of the individual vendors serve up their own baked or canned goods, so be prepared to take home an edible souvenir or two. Among the 250 booths, you will find artisans of all types displaying and selling their handmade wares. Kids’ carnival rides and all-day live entertainment encourage plenty of family time to build memories.

Although the festival runs from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, March 27, word on the street suggests arriving before 3 p.m., as it’s not unusual to sell out of the 7000 pounds of sausage by then.

You’ll find the festival situated at the intersection of Hwy. 98 and Co. Rd. 83 in downtown Elberta, just a few minutes east of Foley. If you can’t make it this weekend, you will get another opportunity in the fall; the German Sausage Festival is held the last Saturdays of March and October each year.

Join the Elberta Volunteer Fire Department and the city of Elberta in this hugely popular fund-raising event. After all, 32 years of sell-out sausage proves that this is the place to be!

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